Additional EPA comment time requested

The complexity of the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions proposals and the volumes of supporting documents led Buckeye Power to send a formal request asking the agency to allow more time for interested parties to comment.

The EPA released its proposal for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing electric generating sources and also released a separate proposal for modified sources on June 2.

“The Existing Source Proposal itself is extremely lengthy consuming well over 100 pages of the Federal Register. There are also 620 supporting documents, a significant number of which contain technical information and data, that must be reviewed and analyzed,” Buckeye Power Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Pat O’Loughlin wrote.

In the letters concerning the two proposed rules, Buckeye Power requested the EPA extend the comment period 180 days beyond the current Oct. 16 cutoff.

“Preparing comprehensive and meaningful comments to both the Existing Source Proposal and the Modified Source Proposal by the current comment deadline is a virtual impossibility,” O’Loughlin wrote.