Ohio’s electric cooperatives file legal challenge to EPA’s Clean Power Plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Earlier today, Buckeye Power joined with other cooperative utilities in petitioning the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to review the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. “This regulation is an overreach of authority by the EPA and has the potential to cost Ohio’s electric cooperative members hundreds of dollars a year […]

Co-ops remain concerned with impact of Clean Power Plan on consumers

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Buckeye Power and Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives President and CEO Pat O’Loughlin made the following statement today following the release of the final version of rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. power sector: “While changes were made to the Clean Power Plan, those […]

Ohio’s electric co-ops urge EPA to withdraw greenhouse gas proposal

COLUMBUS, Ohio — With the comment period coming to a close today on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, Tony Ahern, president and CEO of Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives and Buckeye Power, made the following statement: “The EPA’s Clean Power Plan threatens affordable and […]

Buckeye Power helps Darke County hazmat responders

Buckeye Power, Inc. recently made a donation to support the efforts of first responders in Darke County. Buckeye Power owns the Greenville Electric Generating Station, which is one of 44 sites in the county that could require a response from the Darke County Hazardous Materials Response Team should an incident occur. A recent request for […]

EPA mandate will impact co-op members

The proposal of new regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants has Ohio’s electric cooperatives deeply concerned about the potential financial impact to their more than 380,000 members and the reliability of the electrical system if these proposed rules go into effect. With a national goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions 30 percent […]

O’Loughlin named senior VP at OREC and Buckeye Power

Pat O’Loughlin has been named senior vice president for the two associations serving Ohio’s electric cooperatives. In naming O’Loughlin senior vice president, the boards of trustees for the Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc., and Buckeye Power, Inc., also selected him to ascend to the chief executive officer role for the two organizations upon the retirement of […]

Alban named vice president at Buckeye Power

Tom Alban has been named vice president of Power Generation for Buckeye Power. “Tom will lead our efforts to assure a clean, safe, economic and competitive generation supply from our investments in Cardinal Station, OVEC, Greenville and Mone plants. Managing our power generation resources today presents a variety of challenges that Tom and his team, with […]

Grooms named vice president at Buckeye Power

Craig Grooms has been named the vice president of Market Operations for Buckeye Power. “Craig will lead our efforts to assure Buckeye receives a reliable and economic supply of power from our resources within the constraints that the PJM market and the Ohio transmission owners allow,” Buckeye Power Senior Vice President Pat O’Loughlin said. “His team […]