Site Location Services

Site Location Services - Buckeye Power

Buckeye Power’s economic development team provides comprehensive location and expansion services to both businesses considering locating in Ohio and those already served by Buckeye Power.

Our services include:

  • Location research
  • Assistance with locating a suitable site or building (Sites & Buildings database)
  • Tours of our service territory in Ohio (contact Dennis Mingyar)
  • Guidance to quickly reach the right contacts within local, regional and the JobsOhio economic development organizations
  • Rate quotes and load calculations
  • Connections to officials for assistance with workforce training programs, applications for tax credits, low interest rate financing, and local planning and permitting agencies.

Benefits of doing business with Buckeye Power

There’s quite a difference doing business with an electric cooperative. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with an electric co-op include:

  • We know our service area. It’s where we live.
  • BPI gif 3Buckeye Power has the capacity to serve significant new projects and the highest degree of reliability.
  • The senior management of the local co-op will be involved. Decisions can be made at the table without waiting for a higher-up’s approval. Your project moves along more quickly and is not delayed.
  • All departments work together. Cooperatives are truly cooperative – all employees are focused on achieving a common outcome.
  • You get more personalized service and a higher level of attention at the electric co-op.
  • We provide you with more detailed information supported by research and validation.